Raymond Earl Davis

To Raymond Earl Davis, engineer, teacher, research director, consultant, for his meritorious contributions to the technology of cement and concrete and to their uses in important engineering works, and for the development of young engineers who continue the work.

Director, Emeritus, Engineering Materials Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, California

  • MS, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1916

Mr. Davis, as the director of the Engineering Materials Laboratory, University of California, has made extensive contributions to the basic principles of material behavior of construction materials, and has participated in many major technological developments in the use of such materials in unusually large structures, such as Morris, Bonneville, Hoover, Grand Coulee, Shasta, Hiwasse, Hungry Horse, and Bhumiphol dams; San Francisco-Oakland Bay, Golden Gate, San Mateo, and Mackinac Straits bridges; tunnels, concrete ships, water development projects, etc.

He is the past president of the American Concrete Institute, and holds four major awards from that institute, as well as two major awards from the American Society for Testing Materials. Mr. Davis has many books and publications attesting to his contributions to knowledge.

He has been particularly effective in the development of young men who have become prominent in the teaching and practicing of engineering.

Current as of 1966.