Nicholas Yaru

To Nicholas Yaru, teacher, researcher, scientist, engineer, and administrator, for his contributions to the advancement of knowledge in electrical engineering.

Vice President, Hughes Aircraft Company, Fullerton, California

  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, 1955

As a research associate at the University of Illinois, Dr. Yaru was jointly responsible for the development of an aircraft homing system usable in the difficult frequency range of 40-100 MHz. His studies of the problem of "super gaining" established the practical limitation on the use of very small arrays.

Dr. Yaru joined Hughes Aircraft Company in 1955 as head of the UHF Antenna Group. Since then he has held positions of head of the Advanced Studies Section of the Antenna Department and manager of the Microwave Department, where he initiated the pin-cushion antenna study and instigated the use of strip line and semiconducting devices for microwave components.

In his present position, Dr. Yaru is responsible for the technical and business management of the Communications and Radar Division. An important activity under his direction is a meritorious program to foster young engineers. The division is now supporting twenty-one engineers in a Master of Science Fellowship Program and fourteen candidates for the PhD degree. During Dr. Yaru's tenure over the division, there have been graduated a total of eight doctoral and fifty master of science fellows.

Current as of 1970.