Jack St. Clair Kilby

To Jack St. Clair Kilby, engineer, inventor, industrialist, and executive, for distinguished leadership in solid state technology.

Assistant Vice President, Texas Instruments, Inc., Dallas, Texas

  • BS, Electrical Engineering, 1947

In 1958, Jack Kilby joined Texas Instruments, Inc., and was assigned to the Semiconductor Research and Engineering Laboratory to pursue his ideas on monolithic solid state devices. Within a year, he had invented and developed the monolithic integrated circuit that has been termed the greatest advancement in electronics since the transistor. His inventive genius and contributions to solid state technology have been major factors in enabling Texas Instruments to become one of the world's foremost producers of solid state devices. Jack Kilby holds numerous patents, four of which are the basic patents for integrated circuits.

Jack Kilby was honored by President Richard M. Nixon as recipient of the National Medal of Science given by the federal government as its highest award for distinguished advancement of science.

Current as of 1971.