Hjalmar W. Johnson

To Hjalmar W. Johnson, engineer, research director, executive, for his pioneering engineering developments in the technology of iron and steel making.

Vice President, Retired, Planning and Research, Inland Steel Company, Chicago, Illinois

  • BS, Metallurgical Engineering, 1922

Mr. Johnson, as an executive with the Inland Steel Company from 1929-1963, from furnace superintendent to vice president in charge of steel manufacturing, thence to vice president of planning and research, and finally, as a director of the company, combined brilliant engineering developments in the field of metallurgy with the execution of important administrative responsibilities. For these contributions he won three major awards from the professional engineering societies (A.I.M.M.E., A.I.S.I.) associated with the iron and steel industry.

Besides taking an active and responsible role in the affairs of the professional engineering societies, Mr. Johnson has given unsparingly of his time in public service to more than a dozen widely divergent organizations, including a trusteeship of the University of Illinois Y.M.C.A. and the presidency of the University of Illinois Alumni Foundation.

Current as of 1966.