Herbert R. Lissner

To Herbert R. Lissner, engineer, teacher, research administrator, for his outstanding leadership in the planning and direction of engineering work in the field of bioengineering, for his pioneering contributions to the field of bioengineering, and for his fostering the development of young bioengineers.

Chairman, Department of Engineering Mechanics, and Coordinator, Biomechanics Research Center, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

  • BS, General Engineering, 1930
  • MS, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1934

Professor Lissner is an internationally recognized authority in the field of biomechanics. Commencing with his pioneering studies about twenty-five years ago, he has published about sixty papers and books. These publications have become the most important source of knowledge on the behavior of the skeletal structure of the human body when its various parts are subjected to impact forces that cause fracture of the bones or damage to nerve or muscle tissue. From his test results, Professor Lissner and his associates have developed theories for the strength and deformational behavior of the bone and nerve tissue structure of the human body. Of special significance is the fact that Professor Lissner’s first research in biomechanics was published in the Journal of Neurosurgery, I:6 (1944), and almost all subsequent papers were also published in this or other medical journals. Professor Lissner has thus made a truly outstanding use of his engineering skill in contributing much needed knowledge to the annals of the medical literature.

Current as of 1965.