Frederick John Schlink

To Frederick John Schlink, engineer, research director, public servant, and national figure, for his pioneering and constructive achievements for protection of the nation's and the world's consumers.

President and Technical Director, Consumers Research, Inc., Washington, New Jersey

  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1912
  • ME, 1917

Some people make headlines crying about deficiencies in consumers' goods. Frederick J. Schlink has made positive and substantial contributions for correcting the deficiencies. He founded the first successful advisory service for consumers, Consumers Research, recognized throughout the world. His stature is evident in that he is a member of the Advisory Council and also of the corporation of the Underwriters' Laboratories, a member of the U.S. National Committee for participation in the International Commission of Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment, and has served on other commissions for the protection of consumers' interests. His advice and aid are sought constantly by writers and educators in the field of the economics of consumption, and he has published many papers and treaties chiefly about measuring instruments and methods.

Current as of 1971.