Frederick Charles Lindvall

To Frederick Charles Lindvall, engineer, teacher, administrator, for his outstanding contributions to the modernization of engineering education through his imaginative and understanding leadership in academic circles, through his teaching, and through his continued and effective devotion to the professional societies.

Professor of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Chairman of the Division of Engineering and Applied Science, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California

  • BS, Railway Engineering, 1924

Mr. Lindvall joined the faculty of the California Institute of Technology in 1930 as an instructor and has been chairman of the Division of Engineering and Applied Science since 1945. As a teacher, he introduced modern analysis and modern science into the engineering curriculum and by demonstrating the effectiveness of this approach stimulated many young men to look further into analysis and science and their applications to engineering. Under his leadership as chairman, the traditional curriculum was converted to the modern one based strongly on fundamental principles. Through his activities in the American Society for Engineering Education and his many publications, he has influenced greatly the development of the current educational system in the engineering schools of this country.


He has been honored with an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the National University of Ireland, the Naval Ordnance Development Award, a Presidential Citation for Merit, and the Lamme Award of the American Society for Engineering Education.


Current as of 1967.