Ernest Ingold

To Ernest Ingold, engineer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, for his application of engineering background to the building of successful commercial enterprises and for his philanthropies.

Retired Head of Ernest Ingold Investment Company, San Francisco, California

BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1909

Only three years after graduating from the University, in 1912, Mr. Ingold had developed a prosperous advertising agency. Inspired by his mechanical engineering background, he bought an interest in a small automotive electric company. Changes that he introduced caused the company to grow and prosper. Ultimately, an automobile sales agency was added to the business. Rather than treat the service aspect of the business with disdain, Mr. Ingold put it on the same footing as sales. Many innovations that he instigated greatly expedited the servicing of automobiles and led to the formation of an automobile agency that is truly a model for the industry.

Over the years, Mr. Ingold's firm has played an important role in the design, manufacture, and modification of automobiles to meet the very special needs of handicapped persons. Thus he has given to them a greater freedom of movement.

In addition to his business ventures, Mr. Ingold has been very active in public service and philanthropy. Of particular note is the Shakespeare Collection that he established at the University of Illinois Library.

Current as of 1969.