Daniel L. Dudas

To Daniel L. Dudas, engineer, program director, corporation president, for his original contributions and innovative leadership in applying engineering fundamentals to aerospace flight vehicle program management and to corporate executive administration and guidance.

President, System Development Corporation, Santa Monica, California

  • BS, Aeronautical Engineering, 1956
  • MS, Aeronautical Engineering, 1957

Mr. Dudas has held responsible managerial positions with McDonald Aircraft Corporation, General Dynamics Astronautics, Raytheon Company, General Dynamics Fort Worth Division, as past vice president of Litton Industries, Data Systems Division, and currently as president of System Development Corporation.

His specific contributions to engineering have been in the application of engineering practices to the management of industry-wide profit and loss responsibilities, overall management of programs such as the F-111, F-15, RF-111, the VFAX, and on various advanced weapon systems. At SDC he is the chief executive officer and is responsible for the corporation's commercial operations and subsidiaries.

While at the University of Illinois he was a Bronze Tablet recipient as well as a varsity athlete. A past recipient of the University's Alumni Loyalty Award, Mr. Dudas has also received the 1975 American Association of College Baseball Coaches Award, which is given to college baseball players who have achieved outstanding success in their professional careers.

Current as of 1977.