Clifford M. Andrews

To Clifford M. Andrews, ceramic engineer and industrial executive, for his outstanding contributions in the areas of ceramic research, development, production, and management, and especially for his leadership for advancing on an international basis industrial ceramic research, development, and manufacturing.

President, Ferro Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio

  • BS, Ceramic Engineering, 1934

After receiving his bachelor's in ceramic engineering in 1934, Mr. Andrews worked as a ceramic engineer in porcelain enameling manufacturing facilities. In 1942, he returned to the University as research associate professor. He carried out research on high-temperature coatings for military aircraft engines and began at that time the first development work on the titania opacified porcelain enamels. He joined the Ferro Corporation in 1945 and has since held the positions of managing director of Ferro Enamel, S.A., São Paulo, Brazil, vice president of international operations, executive vice president, and since 1972, president.

Mr. Andrew's principal achievements in engineering relate to his work in the technical management of the many overseas operations of the Ferro Corporation. The company is involved in worldwide operations, with 7500 employees in 18 countries, and with annual sales exceeding $280 million. It is the leading national and international supplier of porcelain enamel and glaze frits and ceramic colors. The expansion into international markets for these important ceramic materials (and certain other related ceramic engineering materials and services, such as the design and construction of ceramic manufacturing facilities and production of associated refractory specialties) may be attributed in a very large measure to the technical leadership of Mr. Andrews.

Current as of 1976.