Charles Edwin Drury

To Charles Edwin Drury for his outstanding leadership and innovation as an engineer and administrator in the automotive components and materials fabrication areas.

President, Chief Operating Officer, and Director, Hayes-Albion Corporation, Jackson, Michigan

  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1949

Prior to receiving a bachelor's degree, Mr. Drury had already acquired considerable experience in engineering. During World War II he served as commanding officer of the 618th Engineer Base Equipment Company. Moreover, shortly after returning to the University of Illinois he became an assistant instructor in the foundry laboratory and later in the steam and power laboratory. He was elected to Tau Beta Pi and was recognized on the Bronze Tablet signifying high academic achievement.

He joined the Central Foundry Division of General Motors as a trainee and became works manager in 1963. He held that post until he was elected president and director of Hayes-Albion in 1969.

He has a long and impressive record of professional and community accomplishments. He is a past national director and trustee of the Training and Research Institute of the American Foundrymen's Society, a member of the Governing Board and assistant vice chairman of the Detroit Section of the Society of Automotive Engineers, and a past chairman of the Mid-Michigan Section of that society.

Current as of 1972.