Wen-Kwei Ku

To Wen-Kwei Ku for his successful application of engineering knowledge to the planning, design, and construction of several billion dollars worth of civil engineering works, for his leadership in directing one of the largest engineering firms in Asia, for his active participation in many social and professional organizations, and for his strong support of training and promotion of young engineers.

Chairman, Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Inc., Taipei, Taiwan

  • MS, Civil Engineering, 1937

Mr. Ku engaged in numerous public works in China as a civil engineer until 1945 when he first became manager of the Hanchung Hydroelectric Project, National Resources Commission. Over the years he has held a number of important positions with various companies until his latest position as chairman of Sinotech. These include director, Tienshui Power Station, NRC; and at the Taiwan Power Company, manager, Tien-Lung Hydroelectric Power Project; chief engineer, Shihmen Development Commission, vice president; and vice chairman, Tsengwen Reservoir Development Commission. A few of the large projects he has directed in the last seven years are: Tachien Dam ($130 million), Integrated Steel Mill ($900 million), Talin Thermal Plant ($263 million), No. 2 Nuclear Power Plant ($800 million), and Tsengwen Reservoir ($150 million). At Sinotech, many outstanding young Chinese engineers are being trained and promoted to high positions under Mr. Ku's guidance.

Current as of 1979.