Walter E. Massey

To Walter E. Massey for his outstanding national contributions in the areas of science education and administration.

Vice President for Research and for Argonne National Laboratory, Professor of Physics, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

  • BS, Morehouse College, 1958
  • MA, Washington University, 1966
  • PhD, Washington University, 1966

Walter E. Massey was initially research oriented, focusing on theoretical questions in condensed matter physics. After leaving the University of Illinois in 1970, his interests turned increasingly to academic administration and educational policy. As a dean at Brown University, he was nationally recognized for his pedagogical efforts. In 1979, Massey returned to the Midwest to become involved in science administration as director of Argonne National Laboratory. He continues in science administration at the University of Chicago.

Currently he is a member of the Board of Trustees of Brown University and the Rand Corporation, and on the Physics Department Visiting Committees of MIT and Harvard. He is a member of the National Science Foundation’s Advisory Committees on Science and Math Education and International Programs. He is president-elect of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and co-chairman of the AAAS Steering Committee for the Project to Strengthen the Scientific and Engineering Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa. Active in cultural and civic affairs, he is a trustee of the Museum of Science and Industry and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Current as of 1988.