Scott Anderson Sr.


To Scott Anderson, Sr., for his innovative use of scientific knowledge and engineering skills in the production of new and useful materials.

President, Anderson Physics Laboratories, Inc., Urbana, Illinois

  • MS, Physics, 1936
  • PhD, Physics, 1940

From 1940 to 1943 Dr. Anderson was employed by the Aluminum Research Laboratories. He was an assistant professor of physics at Carleton College for a year, and then a member of the Manhattan Project at the University of Chicago in 1944-1945. In 1944 he founded Anderson Physics Laboratories. For 13 years the firm conducted basic research in glass for Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. and infrared analysis for industrial sponsors such as Armour Research Foundation, 3M Co., Owens-Illinois, Inc., General Electric Co., Dow Chemical USA, Xerox Corp., Monsanto, and Union Carbide Corp. In 1958 he began the development of techniques for purifying salts and his firm has become a unique source of these materials for the specialized lamp industry throughout the world. His notable contributions to the knowledge of the structure and properties of glasses, the adhesion of films to glasses and steels, and the application of infrared techniques to a variety of problems area evidenced in his 29 publications and 7 patents.

During the early 1950s, Dr. Anderson was instrumental in the development of the physics curriculum at Illinois Wesleyan University and he organized and directed its Science Institute for its initial two years. In 1960 he received an honorary doctor of science degree from that university.

Current as of 1982.