Russell H. Hopps

To Russell H. Hopps, program director, chief engineer, vice president and general manager of engineering, for his expertise in corporate executive administration and guidance, and for his incisive original contributions and innovative leadership in applying engineering fundamentals to the development of current aircraft and to the formulation of research programs for future aircraft.

Vice President and General Manager, Engineering, Lockheed-California Company, Burbank, California

  • BS, Aeronautical Engineering, 1956

Mr. Hopps graduated with high honors from Illinois in 1956. Since that time he has held responsible corporate positions with the Convair Company and Boeing Airplane Company, where he was chief of aerodynamics for the 747 airplane. He joined Lockheed-California Company in 1967 and held numerous positions with the company before being named to his present position of vice president and general manager of engineering. Prior to his promotion, his responsibilities at Lockheed-California included both near-term and long-range product plans for the company. He is now responsible for all engineering at Lockheed and supervises 3500 engineers and scientists.

Mr. Hopps is directly responsible for the preliminary design of six aircraft that have gone into production and for the incorporation of advanced systems in aircraft, such as active controls for wing span extension to provide improved fuel efficiency without structural weight in L-1011 aircraft. He is an adviser for aircraft design and aeronautics to NASA, a recipient of the UIUC Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Distinguished Alumnus Award, and of the San Fernando Valley Engineers Council Merit Award.

Current as of 1980.