Richard P. Wishner

To Richard P. Wishner, engineer, research director, industrial executive, for his original contributions and leadership in radar, information processing, and control technology.

Corporate Vice President, Systems Control, Inc., Palo Alto, California

  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, 1960

After graduation from Illinois, Dr. Wishner joined the MIT Lincoln Laboratory as assistant group leader and led the development of software, hardware, and processing techniques for the MIT/PRESS Field Station on Kwajalein Atoll. Also, he led an engineering team that successfully applied detection, estimation, and modern control theory techniques to radar waveform design and to the solution of target detection and tracking problems.

In 1969, he joined Systems Control, Inc., as vice president and member of the Board of Directors, advancing to corporate vice president in 1975. His research at Systems Control has been directed toward developing real-time computational algorithms and determining the requirements and solutions to defense information processing and control problems. He has developed optimal and suboptimal radar and computer scheduling techniques, derived expressions for propagation of statistics in nonlinear systems, and developed algorithms and data management techniques for advanced architecture computers. At Systems Control, all technical operations report to him, and he is responsible for over 200 technical personnel.

Current as of 1979.