Keith W. McHenry Jr.

To Keith McHenry, Jr., research director and industiral executive, for original contributions to chemical engineering and for leadership and contributions to the education of engineers.

Vice President, Research and Development, Amoco Oil Company, Naperville, Illinois

  • BS, Chemical Engineering, 1951

Keith McHenry has served his profession as the administrator of one of the major chemical engineering research centers in the country and through unstinting contributions to higher education. He has served on advisory and development committees at many universities and is the chairman of the Resource Development Committee of the Department of Chemical Engineering at UIUC. He was a member of the prestigious Nuclear Regulatory Commission Committee on the Frontiers of Chemical Engineering Research, whose report is expected to define the boundaries of chemical engineering for years to come. The high regard of his peers is shown by his election to the National Academy of Engineering and to fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He holds four patents in the field of petroleum processing.

Current as of 1989.