Joel Slutzky

To Joel Slutzky for his creative use of engineering knowledge and his entrepreneurial skills in the development of high technology electromechanical robotic and magnetic recording systems, as well as the unique management style he has developed to foster innovative engineering advances.

Chairman of Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, Odetics, Anaheim, California

  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1962
  • BS, Electrical Engineering, 1962
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, 1964

As one of the founders of Odetics, Joel Slutzky has made the company respected worldwide for technologies innovations that include the first walking robot capable of performing practical functions, the first reliable magnetic tape recorder for spacecraft, and timelapse videotape recorders that incorporate advanced microprocessor control. He has been instrumental in maintaining Odetics’ world leadership in these markets by establishing and directing programs that encourage the continual evolution of base technologies.

Slutzky’s contributions to engineering have been recognized by the citation from the Congressional Caucus on Science and Technology and the UIUC Department of Mechanical Engineering Distinguished Alumnus Award. He serves on the board of directors of the American Electronics Association and the Newport Harbor Art Museum.

Current as of 1990.