James M. Robertson

To James M. Robertson, engineering educator and researcher, for his leadership in the development and application of scientific knowledge and principles in the field of fluid mechanics.

Engineering Consultant and Director, International Management and Engineering Consultants, Ltd., Denver, Colorado, and Professor Emeritus, Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, UIUC

  • BS, Civil Engineering, 1938

James M. Robertson spent his early career as a research engineering and physicist at the David Taylor Model Basin and at Douglas Aircraft. From 1942-54, he served on the faculty at the Pennsylvania State University, teaching engineering mechanics, civil engineering, and engineering research. In 1954 he came to UIUC as a professor of theoretical and applied mechanics, a position he held until his retirement in1982. During his tenure at the university, Robertson was a dedicated researcher into many fundamental facets of fluid mechanics, especially the characteristics of turbulence and turbulent flow and of cavitation. He also carried out research in the area of biofluid mechanics and was instrumental in the development of numerical simulations of normal and pathological cardiovascular flows. He undertook extensive public service work for the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers throughout his career. In retirement, he continues to serve the engineering and business communities as a private consultant.

Current as of 1989.