Jagdish K. Aggarwal

To Jagdish K. Aggarwal for original contributions to pattern recognition, image analysis, and related areas in computer graphics and digital filters, and for establishing an advanced state-of-the-art center for service to the university and to industry.

John J. McKetta Energy Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas, Austin, Texas

  • MS, Electrical Engineering, 1961
  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, 1964

Professor Aggarwal came to the University of Illinois as a MS degree candidate having received a BS from the University of Bombay, India, and a B.Eng. from the University of Liverpool, England. He is a founder of the Computer and Vision Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin, which was established in 1980. This internationally know center is used by faculty and industrial researchers from all over the country.

Dr. Aggarwal teaches a wide variety of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His former graduate students hold significant positions in industry and universities.

He was a consultant to Shell Development Corporation (a subsidiary of Shell Oil), where he developed a variety of algorithms and programs for processing seismic date. Currently a consultant to IBM, he is developing hardware and software for a new generation of workstations for industrial and academic use.

Professor Aggarwal is active in many professional organizations and became a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in 1976. In 1985, his research on computerized visual analysis for cryopreservation of living cells was named as one of the top 100 innovations of the year by Science Digest.

Current as of 1987.