Hisao Kanai

To Hisao Kanai, engineer, teacher, industrial executive, for his original contributions and leadership in the development and fabrication of electronic circuits and digital computers.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, NEC Technologies, Tokyo, Japan

  • MS, Electrical Engineering, 1961

Recently appointed chairman of NEC Technologies, the American Subsidiary of NEC Corp., Hisao Kanai has devoted himself to the research into, and development of digital circuit technology for communications and computer systems. He was responsible for the early design of the wire-spring relay and was involved in the development of digital semiconductor technology for electronic switching systems. He developed the low-energy CML circuit and LSI chips for large computer and communications systems. He holds 20 patents and his research group was awarded the Okochi Memorial Prize for the development of large-scale multichip package production process for large computers.

Current as of 1990.