Hans Thurnauer

To Dr. Hans Thurnauer, engineer, researcher, industrial executive, technical adviser, and consultant, for pioneering development of technical ceramics, engineering leadership, and international professional service in engineering and engineering management.

Volunteer Exectutive, International Executive Service Corps, Boulder, Colorado

  • MS, Ceramic Engineering, 1932

After receiving his Diplom Engineer degree in chemical engineering from the Technical University in Berlin, Hans Thurnauer came to the University of Illinois as an MS Candidate in ceramic engineering. His career since receiving his degree from UIUC in 1932 has included positions in corporations in Germany and the United States. He was a pioneer in the development of technical ceramics for high-temperature, wear-resistant, and electrical applications such as titanates for capacitors, low dielectric loss ceramics, textile threadguides, low thermal expansion ceramics, cordierite, sintered alumina, and zirconia. He has also been a key figure in the development of new ceramic manufacturing processes such as automatic dry pressing, isostatic pressing, tape casting, and precision grinding.

A holder of numerous patents and the author of a number of technical articles, Dr. Thurnauer is a fellow of the American Ceramic Society. He is active in many professional organizations and has served as national president of the Electrochemical Society, a division chairman for the Gordon Research Conferences, vice chairman of the Materials Advisory Board of the National Academy of Sciences, and chairman of the Digest of Literature on Dielectrics for the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences. Since 1973, Dr. Thurnauer has served as volunteer executive of the International Executive Service Corps and has undertaken assignments in ceramics plants and research institutes in South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, and Turkey.

Current as of 1987.