George M. C. Fisher

To George M. C. Fisher for his technical leadership in the development of new telecommunications products, for the introduction of new technical management procedures, and for his extraordinary service to the engineering profession.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Motorola, Inc., Schaumburg, Illinois

  • BS, Civil Engineering, 1962

After serving for ten years in research and development with Bell Telephone laboratories, George Fisher joined Motorola in 1976 and became chairman in January 1990. Among his many achievements at Motorola, he was responsible for the profit performance, strategic planning, and product development of two-way portable products and was responsible for the manufacturing information systems and order entry functions for the Communications Product Division. He holds three patents in optical waveguide and digital communication systems. Fisher is a member of IEEE and is active in civic, educational, and community affairs. He is on the board of directors of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, the Board of Trustees of Brown University, and the Board of Directors of the University of Illinois Foundation.

Current as of 1990.