Eugene J. Fasullo

To Eugene J. Fasullo for outstanding contributions to the advancement of art and science of structural engineering and for extraordinary service to the profession.

Director of Engineering and Chief Engineer, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

  • MS, Civil Engineering, 1958

Eugene Fasullo joined the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as a structural engineer soon after his graduation from UIUC in 1958. His early career focused on the design, construction, and renovation of bridges, buildings, airports, and tunnels within the purview of the Port Authority. His work included the addition of the Lower level of the George Washington Bridge and structural design work at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Airport, and La Guardia Airport. In 1970, he was promoted to chief structural engineer of the Port Authority and had overall responsibility for the structural design work of all Port Authority facilities: tunnels, bridges, marine terminals, bus terminals, and railroad facilities. Further promotions included assistant chief engineer of design and research in 1979 and deputy director if engineering and deputy chief engineer in 1984. In 1992, he was appointed to his current position of director of engineering and chief engineer. Eugene Fasullo has introduced many innovations in his structural design projects resulting in strength and economy and has created structures of great aesthetic appeal. Among his designs are the structural system for the unique pile-supported prestressed concrete runway extension at La Guardia Airport and the structural design of the largest hyperbolic paraboloid concrete shell roofs of the terminal buildings at Newark Airport. He was also responsible for the replacement of the upper deck of the George Washington Bridge, which required a creative approach to complete the project promptly. In addition, he is an effective administrator with an outstanding record of managing the complex system of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. It is to his credit that, within a short time after the bomb blast at the World Trade Center, he assigned a group of experts to determine the safe-unsafe boundary around the affected area on each level; the reconstruction process was well planned and is completed. He has given generously of his time to serve the profession and the country. He organized and has been chair of the New York Interagency Engineering Council, a regional group dedicated to improving the quality and performance of engineering in the public sector. In 1991, he founded and is presently the chair of the Partnership for Rebuilding Our Infrastructure, which is dedicated to the reestablishing the leadership role of engineers in rebuilding our country. He participates in professional activities and is a lecturer and member of the Professional Advisory Board at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineers in 1994 and is a fellow in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). He is the recipient of many awards, including ASCE President’s Medal; Distinguished Alumnus Award, Department of Civil Engineering, at UIUC; Outstanding Alumnus Award, Polytechnic University of Brooklyn; and Special Citation, American Institute of Architects. Current as of 1995.