Chuan-Tseng Wei

To Chuan-Tseng Wei, educator, researcher, engineer, and industrialist, for the successful application of scientific priciples to engineering operations at the corporate level.

Vice President of Technology and Chief Metallurgist, China Steel Corporation, Hsiao Kang, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Republic of China

  • MS, Metallurgical Engineering, 1956
  • PhD, Metallurgical Engineering, 1959

After completing his studies at the University of Illinois in 1959, Dr. Wei joined the faculty of Michigan State University where he remained until 1976. He became professor of metallurgy in 1967. Dr. Wei has held his present position with China Steel Corp. since 1976.

Through research and teaching Dr. Wei has demonstrated the importance of science in engineering education; and through practice he has been capable of building an integrated technical system to closely relate research and development with the day-to-day operations of a modern steel plant employing 700 people. With no prior experience in the operation of an integrated steel mill, he has led a group of young engineers to build a quality assurance program that has won China Steel the approval of the ASME as a qualified producer of nuclear grade steels after only two years of production.

Dr. Wei is a member of the Metallurgical Society, AIME, was selected as a Notable American of the Bicentennial Era of 1976, and served as president of the Chinese Society for National Science in 1980. While in academia he published extensively and his work in the areas of mechanical behavior and low-temperature properties of metals and alloys is widely recognized.

Current as of 1983.