Chester P. Siess

To Chester P. Siess for his far-reaching influence on the analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures resulting form his contributions in research, development, and teaching.

Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • BS, 1936, Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College
  • MS, Civil Engineering, 1939
  • PhD, Civil Engineering, 1948

Dr. Siess’s contributions to the theory of reinforced concrete slabs and prestressed concrete elements are still the keystone of current developments and applications. He led the movement in changing design methods form those based on theory of elasticity to the theory of plasticity. As an educator, his influence is shown by the fact that almost all of the leaders of reinforced concrete teaching and research today have been his students or students of his students.

Honors and awards Professor Siess has received include the American Concrete Institute Wason Medal (with N. M. Newmark), the American Society of Civil Engineers research prize and R. C. Reese Award, the ACI Turner Medal, the ASCE Ernest E. Howard Award, and the A. J. Boase Award of the Reinforce Concrete Council. He is a member of the national Academy of Engineering and an honorary member of ACI and ASCE. He retired as head of Department of Civil Engineering in 1978.

Current as of 1985.