C. J. Gauthier

To C. J. Gauthier, successful engineer and outstanding administrator in the gas public utility industry, who has exceptionally combined engineering ability with management skill to achieve a position and recognition as one of the giants of the industry.

Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Northern Illinois Gas Company, Aurora, Illinois

  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1943

A licensed professional engineer, Mr. Gauthier began his career as a field engineer in 1945 with the Public Service Company of Northern Illinois, NI-Gas's predecessor. One of the many outstanding achievements accredited to him occurred in the late 1950s when he spearheaded the development of the company's underground aquifer system whereby natural gas is injected into porous, water-filled, underground rock formations for storage. His efforts resulted in the development of the largest aquifer storage facilities in the world – a storehouse for the nation's cleanest, most efficient source of energy. Considering today's energy shortage, the significance of this accomplishment is underscored by the fact that NI-Gas today obtains from its storage field half of all gas sent out on a cold day.

Diversification has played a major role in his success; in 1960, Mr. Gauthier received an M.B.A. in finance from the University of Chicago. He is a member and has held office in a variety of professional organizations, and is presently serving or has served as director or trustee of numerous corporations and associations. He is a member of the University of Illinois Foundation and its Founders 100 Club and the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce. He acts in an advisory capacity to several other colleges and universities as well.

Current as of 1974.