Alan M. Hallene

To Alan M. Hallene, engineer and industrialist, for his leadership and vision in the elevator and escalator manufacturing industry and his dedication and service to his alma mater, which ultimately led to the presidency of the University of Illinois Alumni Association and the University of Illinios Foundation.

President and Director, Montgomery Elevator Company, Moline, Illinois

  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1951

Alan M. Hallene was very involved in campus activities as an undergraduate at the university and has remained exceptionally devoted to the interests of the University of Illinois and the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering since his graduation in 1951. He is currently president of the University of Illinois Foundation and has been active as president of the Alumni Association and as a member of the board of the Athletic Association. In May 1985, he was presented with the Alumni Achievement Award, the highest honor of the University of Illinois Alumni Association. In addition, he has received the Loyalty and Distinguished Alumnus awards from the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. He has been an active supporter of the College of Engineering Annual Fund program since its inception.

Associated with the Montgomery Elevator Company since 1953, Mr. Hallene progressed from sales engineer to president and director of the firm in 1968. He patented several inventions as chief engineer and introduced escalator manufacturing operations. Through his leadership, Montgomery Elevator Company has become the largest independently owned manufacturer of elevators and escalators in the United States. And under his leadership, profit totals today surpass the sales totals achieved when Mr. Hallene joined the company.

Mr. Hallene is a director of the American College Testing Program, Augustana College, Butler Manufacturing Company, the Moline National Bank, and the Butterworth Memorial Trust. He is also very active in civic affairs in Moline.

Current as of 1987.