Raymond Viskanta

To Raymond Viskanta for his contributions to the field of heat transfer through his outstanding research accomplishmetns, dedication to teaching, and his leadership and service in the international heat transfer community.

W. F. M. Goss Distinguished Professor of Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafeyette, Indiana

  • BS, 1955, Mechanical Engineering, Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • MS, 1956, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
  • PhD, 1960, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University

Raymond Viskanta has been one of the top scholars in the field of heat transfer for many years. Internationally known for his work in the field of radiation heat transfer in melting and solidification, heat transfer in porous media, buoyancy-driven systems, and combustion systems. During his 38-year career at Purdue University, Viskanta has amassed an extraordinary record of accomplishments and service. As a teacher, he has coauthored six books and mentored more than 100 graduate students and 30 postdoctoral researchers. As a researcher, he has published 340 papers in archival journals, 130 in conference proceedings, and more than 40 state-of-the-art review articles. He has received more than two dozen awards, including the prestigious Max Jakob Award of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and American Institute of Chemical Engineers. In 1986, he became the W. F. M. Goss Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering Sciences of the Russian Federation and the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. He was awarded an honorary doctor of engineering degree from the Technical University of Munich in 1994.

Viskanta has been an active alumnus of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. He received the department's Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award in 1984.

Current as of 2000.