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Funding for Graduate Students

We want to make sure you have the resources you need to complete your degree. We offer a variety of funding opportunities in the form of departmental support, assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships. Explore your possibilities to find the funding model that works best for you.

Graduate Tuition Rates

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Graduate Assistantships

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Five-Year Ph.D. Funding Guarantee

Starting in Fall 2020, Grainger Engineering Ph.D. students in their first five years of enrollment are guaranteed a funded appointment for fall and spring that includes a full tuition waiver, a partial fee waiver, and a stipend. Students are also eligible for summer support. Students must remain in Good Academic Standing and successfully perform the duties of their assistantships.

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College of Engineering Fellowships & Scholarships

Grainger Engineering graduate students can obtain funding through the College of Engineering with the following fellowships and scholarships. In addition, the departments within the College of Engineering also have fellowships and scholarships.

Carver Fellowship

The Carver Fellowship is for incoming doctoral students and is one of the most prestigious in the college. It is a one-year, $34,000 fellowship (fall, spring, and summer terms). Up to four students are awarded the fellowship each year. Each department within Grainger Engineering is eligible to nominate two of their top recruits for this fellowship. Students who receive the Carver Fellowship may not receive any additional funding during their first year.

SURGE Fellowship

The SURGE (Support for Under-Represented Groups in Engineering) Fellowship is aimed at increasing the number of qualified people in faculty and research positions from groups currently under-represented in engineering. SURGE is a 5-year fellowship program that combines financial support with opportunities for networking and community building. Departments nominate students for the fellowship at the time of admission.

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Mavis Future Faculty Fellows (MF3) Scholarship

This scholarship is for current engineering Ph.D. students who have passed their qualifying exam and are interested in pursuing a career in academia. The program is made possible by a generous bequest of Frederic T. and Edith F. Mavis. Dr. Mavis received B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in civil engineering from the University of Illinois before a distinguished academic career.

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Yee Fellowship

This fellowship is for either current or incoming Chinese engineering graduate students. Special consideration will be given to students from inner provinces or inner province universities in China and who intend to become faculty members in Chinese universities. Up to four students will be awarded a one-year, $5,000 fellowship. Departments will be asked to nominate up to two students for this fellowship during the spring term. This fellowship is made possible by a generous bequest of Drs. Warren and Ming Ting Yee. Dr. Warren Yee received his Ph.D. degree in civil engineering from the University of Illinois in 1943. He was a partner in the Detroit firm of Harley, Ellington, Pierce & Yee Associates, and later was the founder of Bio-Tech Research Laboratory, Inc., in Washington, D.C.

Why Illinois?

Meet a few of our graduate students and find out why they chose to pursue boundless opportunities at Illinois.

Comparing costs

This is where we fall on the Cost of Living Comparison Among Top 25 Engineering Graduate Schools. For a more detailed cost of living comparison, see the Cost of Living Comparison calculator.

University Location Cost of Living Index

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA


Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD


University of Illinois

Urbana, IL


Texas A&M University

College Station, TX


University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA


Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA



Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN



Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA



University of Texas

Austin, TX



University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI



Cornell University

Ithaca, NY



University of Wisconsin

Madison, WI



University of Maryland

College Park, MD



Northwestern University

Evanston, IL


Princeton University

Princeton, N.J.


University of California-Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA


University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA


Columbia University

New York, NY


Harvard University

Cambridge, MA


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA


California Institute of Technology

Pasadena, CA


University of California-Berkeley

Berkeley, CA


University of California-Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA


University of California-San Diego

La Jolla, CA


Stanford University

Stanford, CA