Priya Ai Bharath


 Priya Ai Bharath is preparing to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering and a minor in technology and management. She is a self-starter and an adventurous learner within Grainger Engineering. 

Redefining Membership
Priya worked as the service director and held various director positions on the Engineering Open House Central Committee, and is the former vice president of Engineering Council. In her former role as vice president, Priya was able to repurpose and redefine many of the platforms in Engineering Council.

One of Priya’s goals as vice president was to meet the growth and demands of dozens of engineering Registered Student Organizations. Engineering Council helps fund RSOs. Many of the organizations have grown to be the size of Engineering Council itself, and Priya helped change the dynamic of the council to better meet the needs of these student entities. 

“Changing platforms like general meetings to become more collaborative will hopefully target our efforts into something more useful to our fellow engineering RSOs.”

Priya also made efforts to make the culture of Engineering Council more inclusive. She values the fact that Grainger Engineering is a bright and large community, and wanted to see that reflected in Engineering Council. 

“The talent in the Engineering Council societies is always so impressive to me, and there is a lot we learn just by talking to each other. Shifting our council’s culture to be more sensitive to the bigger picture will hopefully help engineering RSOs do what they need to do and find value in their membership.”

Becoming a Grainger Engineer
Since her first year on campus, Priya has admired the individuals that make up Grainger Engineering. 

“Being in a place where I can realize the creation process and technology and still find things that are impactful not just to myself but to others is very valuable. I feel like that speaks a lot to the people around here.”

For Priya, one of her fondest memories of her four years on campus has been watching her progress. She enjoys looking back on her freshman year to see how far her and her peers have come. Priya is very proud to be graduating from a program that values the innovative individuals within it. 

After graduation, Priya will be working as a business unit analyst in Micron Technologies’ Catalyst Program.