Teagan Mathur




Teagan is a junior majoring in engineering physics. For Teagan, choosing Illinois was not only a matter of academics, but a matter of world-class experiences. 

A Well-Rounded Engineer
From professional to personal student organizations, Teagan is a leader. 

Currently, Teagan is the captain of the Oskee Illini dance group and also serves as the Internal Vice President of the National Society of Black Engineers. Additionally, Teagan served as a mentor for Women in Engineering. All these combined experiences are motivating factors for Teagan to be a guiding light for future Grainger Engineers. 

“Personally, as a home-schooled kid coming here, it was a lot. I think after my freshman year I saw what I was missing, I was just trying to make my way. By helping with orientation, I was just trying to make the incoming freshman feel they were getting the things I was missing. It was making people feel welcomed.”

It’s a Team Effort
For Teagan, engineering is not an individual effort, but rather an effort exerted by a group of minds with the same goal. 

“I feel like all the classes I have taken really stress cooperation. Not just with team projects, but also talking to people to succeed. When you go to office hours, they try to prepare you to work for actual companies. For my internship, I don’t think I would have been ready for it if I didn’t have the projects like I did in classes.”

Teagan saw that Grainger Engineering always made sure there was someone in her corner, whether it was her academic advisor or the Center for Academic Resources in Engineering (CARE). While the technical skills she has learned are invaluable, the support students receive is something Teagan wants future Grainger Engineers to know.

“Being a Grainger Engineer means that there is always someone or something there, you’re never alone.”

Combining Disciplines
Engineering physics is the perfect combination of the two things she is incredibly passionate about: physics and mechanical engineering. Since her major encompasses different aspects of engineering, Teagan has had the opportunity to take courses that teach how and why materials break and participate in organizations such as Illini EV Concept,  a student organization on campus that builds an electric car. 

After she graduates with her degree in engineering physics, Teagan aspires to go to graduate school for mechanical engineering and go on to work on revolutionizing cars. 

For Teagan, being awarded as a Knight of St. Patrick is the perfect way to end her junior year.  

“It was such an honor because it showed me that no matter how much I thought I wasn’t doing enough, I definitely was doing enough. I helped the people I wanted to help and actually made a difference.”