Giselle Soares

6/3/2022 4:52:25 PM

Giselle Soares is a senior in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Hoefts Technology and
Management program.

Giselle is currently the President of the Illinois chapter of the American Institute of Chemical
Engineers after previously serving as Treasurer, Philanthropy Chair, and Freshman
Representative. As a result, she is also a part of Engineering Council’s Council of Presidents and
the ChBE Undergraduate Advisory Committee. Some of her other involvements include being
events coordinator for the EXPO committee in Engineering Council. Giselle has also been
involved in research within the Chemistry Department as a part of the Han lab where she has
conducted research with quantum dots, transcriptomic analysis, and bioimaging to improve the
process of drug delivery into cells.

Outside of UIUC, Giselle has been working at Abbott since summer 2021. She has switched
between the operations internship program over the summer and doing virtual work through
research park as a part time employee during the school year. After graduation, she will be
joining the Professional Development Rotational Program at Abbott with her first rotation being
at Abbott Park in general engineering.