Riccelo Guidorizzi

6/3/2022 4:52:25 PM

Riccelo Guidorizzi is a senior in Industrial Engineering with a focus on supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics. Riccelo currently serves as a lab assistant for a freshman engineering design course, SE 101, where he works to ensure students succeed and learn the basics of 3D design. He is currently the Co-Director of the Engineering Open House which is the nation's largest student-run STEM-fair where he leads a team of 26 undergraduate students to plan and execute the event. During his time as Co-Director, Riccelo has pioneered an expansion of community involvement and DEi initiatives, bringing EOH 35,000+ attendees. He works closely with the deans of engineering in his role as a committee member in the Dean's Student Advisory committee where Riccelo helps plan events that connect students to administration. Riccelo is a mentor to younger ISE students, helping them get settled on campus and get prepared for a career in engineering. As a first generation, immigrant student Riccelo is especially humbled by the support Grainger Engineering has provided throughout his 4 years. Riccelo is honored to be recognized as a 2023 KSP and hopes honor and excellence to the title. Upon graduation, Riccelo will be joining Boeing as a Manufacturing Engineer in Mesa, Arizona.