Ege Gungor Onal

6/2/2020 4:05:42 PM

Ege has worked in the Laboratory of Professor Brian T. Cunningham studying point-of-care diagnostics for early detection of cancer biomarkers. He has published multiple publications and was named a Ronald H. Filler Scholar in 2021.

Ege has served as an active member and mentor for the Cancer Scholars program, co-founder and president of the Cancer Center at Illinois Student Organization (CCIL-SO), founder and president of and vice president of the Turkish Student Association. He also served as an engineering learning assistant and lead engineering learning assistant for Grainger Engineering First-Year Experience. 

He interned in Koc University's Brain Cancer Research Lab and participated in Mayo Clinic's SURF program, working with Kathryn A. Knoop, Ph.D., to develop a theoretical mouse model study to investigate the gut microbiome's role in CAR-T cell therapy toxicity and Venkatesh R. Bellamkonda, M.D., to investigate sex-based disparities in healthcare delivery. More recently, he served as a co-facilitator of the online portion of Mayo Clinic’s SURF program and worked with Michael F. Romero, Ph.D., to study the role of Ano4 in calcium oxalate stone formation using drosophila models.

He plans to pursue a career in developing novel diagnostics/therapies for cancer.