Andrew Klingberg

6/2/2020 4:05:42 PM

Andrew Klingberg is the 2021 winner of the Harvey H. Jordan Award.

The Harvey H. Jordan Award is given annually to the top graduating senior in the College of Engineering —the equivalent to a valedictorian for the senior class.

Klingberg is a senior in the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering, who has committed himself to research in his time at the college.

Previously he has served as a Mechanical Engineering Intern at NASA Langley Research Center and as a ResearchAide at Argonne National Laboratory.

Klingberg is currently an Undergraduate Research Assistant for the Renewable Energy & Turbulent Environment Group and is the Co-founder and Treasurer of Community Oriented Device Accommodations.

This award has alleviated some stress associated with student loans, and has let Klingberg reflect on his academic accomplishments and the experiences he’s gained as a Grainger Engineer.

“I really loved my time studying Mechanical Engineering here at Illinois, so it's such an honor to be recognized for something I am so passionate about,” Klingberg said. “I feel so proud to represent The Grainger College of Engineering and my fellow students. I feel this award and acts as a culmination of all that I have been fortunate enough to have accomplished during my time as an undergraduate.”

Klingberg especially noted the relationships he’s had with his professors, classmates, and mentors that have shaped into the engineer he has become.

Going forward, he plans to seek a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering with the goal of becoming a research engineer in the aerospace industry. Inspired by his experience with NASA, Klingberg aims to become a leading team member in an organization, whether that work entails studying and validating designs, performing experiments to collect data valuable for CFD, or producing novel bio-inspired designs.