Thomas Romanchek

6/2/2020 4:05:42 PM

Thomas Romanchek is a senior pursuing a dual degree in Bioengineering with a concentration in cell and tissue engineering, and Psychology with a concentration in behavioral neuroscience, as well as a minor in political science. Thomas grew up in Highland Park and Lake Forest, Illinois, where he cultivated an early interest in science through classes, summer engineering programs, and through his brothers and their eventual enrollment as engineering students at the University of Illinois.

Thomas was always eager to be involved when he came to campus for his first semester of college at Illinois, joining many student organizations at first but finding his long-term homes with the Undergraduate Neuroscience (UNS) and Biomedical Engineering (BMES) Societies. He has served in multiple positions between the two groups including Treasurer, Vice President, and President for the UNS and as Mentor Program Chair and Social chair for BMES. Never content with having free time, Thomas started and ran an undergraduate neuroscience research journal called “Brain Matters”, became and continues to be a student representative for the Bioengineering Undergraduate Advisory Board, and joined Engineering Ambassadors during his sophomore year.

This year, he served as a senator in the Illinois Student Government and as Vice Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, but his primary focus has been research into undergraduate student mental health and engineering culture as a member of the Grainger College of Engineering’s Jensen Lab. As of this moment, he is weighing either continuing his education in law school or pursuing a PhD in bioengineering with a specialization in engineering education. He likes taking a breather whenever he can from work to connect with friends through games and events around campus, though he is equally partial to baking at home.

Thomas is profoundly grateful for the knowledge and guidance his family, friends, and advisors have given him since day one of his education, stressing he would be nowhere without theirsupport. He is thankful for the opportunities he has been given as a student at Illinois and for the culture of common identity, purpose, and drive that the University has shared with him. Although Thomas will be graduating in May, he is excited to bring his Illini Pride with him and will always think fondly of his time as an undergraduate at Illinois.