Amanda Hsu

6/2/2020 4:05:42 PM

Amanda Hsu is a senior majoring in computer engineering. Before joining UIUC, Amanda grew up in the suburbs of Chicago in Highland Park, Illinois.

On campus, Amanda is passionate about supporting women and gender minorities in engineering and has been involved in student organizations since she was a freshman. She was a fundraising chair in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) her freshman year whereshe coordinated the annual SWE 5k. The next year, she joined the SWE officer board as Webmaster. Next, she joined the executive board as treasurer. Finally, Amanda became President her senior year. She additionally has volunteered as a Women in Engineering mentor at the annual freshman orientation.

Aside from student organizations, Amanda is also involved in undergraduate research focused on cybersecurity. Her work focuses on building systems resilient to cyber attacks as well as understanding the internet.

Amanda has additionally interned over the summer at Censys, a cybersecurity startup in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Next summer, Amanda will return to Censys for another internship before beginning graduate school in the Fall.

Lastly, Amanda would like to express her appreciation to those who have supported her throughout her undergraduate journey, especially to her parents, siblings, and mentors.