Vignesh Sella

6/2/2020 4:04:28 PM

As a junior in aerospace engineering, Vignesh Sella recalls visiting campus before accepting his admissions offer. When visiting campus for the first time, he noticed the grandeur of the engineering facilities and the close-knit and supportive atmosphere of The Grainger College of Engineering. After visiting, he knew that The Grainger College of Engineering was where he wanted to spend the next four years of his life.  

Vingesh’s impressions from his first visit held true. He says the community of  students, faculty, departments, and registered student organizations that he’s apart of has been one of the most valuable parts of his education. Being guided by experienced professors on projects has helped him learn valuable hands-on skills that would be difficult to find elsewhere.  

Vignesh is the project manager of the Hybrid Rocket Engine Team. He hopes to put a portion of the William R. Schowalter Award toward this project. This will help them build a high-quality project that reflects their passion.  

Additionally, he was recently given a research support grant from the Office of Undergraduate Research, which will allow him to lead an undergraduate research team to work on oxidizers that are used in hybrid rocket engines. Their intent is to publish their work and present it at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Propulsion and Energy Conference. 

Vignesh is also a research assistant for two aerospace research groups: the Electric Propulsion Laboratory and professor Christian Chilan's research group. 

In the future, he hopes to become a propulsion engineer and help create the next generation of vehicles that will propel civilization forwards.