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Benefits for Students

  • Personal choice. After reviewing available projects, you connect with the industry contact letting them know you’re interested in their project.
  • Develop your professional identity while showcasing passion for the industry.
  • Build your professional network while working closely with your industry contact and faculty advisor throughout the semester.
  • Competitive advantage: relevant industry experience is one of the top things a recruiter looks for when hiring. 

I'm interested!

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Benefits for Partners

  • Discover solutions to problems without using additional resources.
  • Build brand recognition among the future engineering leaders.
  • Leadership and professional development experience for employees who serve as project mentors.
  • Access to fresh perspectives and energetic problem solvers
  • Scout out fresh new talent while providing meaningful, professional development experience for students.

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It was a pleasure working with the students, faculty and staff for the Master of Engineering Capstone Program. The students were engaged and had the needed skills. Best of all, the team was able to deliver new ideas and prototype solutions important to PPG.

Kevin P. Gallagher, Ph.D.
Scientist, Corporate Science & Technology, PPG

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