Capstone Projects

Capstone Projects

One-semester real-world project experiences for students

In our capstone project course, students in our professionally-oriented master’s programs integrate advanced technical knowledge and tackle real-world challenges for industry clients. Students gain valuable project experience with the processes that engineers must master in a professional environment.  Students enrolled in this course work either independently or in an assigned team to accomplish the project goals.

Industry clients define the project scope and goals,  select the student(s) who will complete the project , and assign a project mentor, who will communicate regularly with the student(s) throughout the duration of the project (typically one semester).  The only costs to the client are any materials necessary to complete the project and/or any required student travel (if applicable).  


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Some examples of organizations where our graduates have taken positions:

10X Genomics | ADM | AGCO | Amazon | Baxter Healthcare | Caterpillar | Civiltech Engineering | Crawford, Murphy & Tilly | Cymer | DCI Engineers | Deloitte | Department of the Navy | Eaton Corporation | ExxonMobil | General Electric – Energy Connections | Graphet Data Mining Inc. | Greeley and Hansen | Integral Group | Navistar | Sandia National Laboratories | Sierra Club (Texas) | Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) | Tesla Motors | TRC Solutions | Union Pacific | Wolfram Research | Zimmer Biomet