Capstone Projects

Grainger Engineers aren't afraid of hard work. It's how we get results. Our work is resourceful, open to partnerships, and inspires the best in others. We nurture this industrious spirit by providing our M.Eng. students with the opportunity to tackle real-world collaborative Capstone Projects.

M.Eng. students in a Capstone Program course have an exclusive opportunity to complete a one-semester project in cooperation with an industry partner. The partner provides the project and a mentor. The student, working either independently or as part of a team, is responsible for working with their industry partner to satisfy project requirements, communicate progress, and complete the assignment.

Some of our corporate partners

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Benefits for Students

  • Personal choice. After reviewing available projects, you connect with the industry contact letting them know you’re interested in their project.
  • Develop your professional identity while showcasing passion for the industry.
  • Build your professional network while working closely with your industry contact and faculty advisor throughout the semester.
  • Competitive advantage: relevant industry experience is one of the top things a recruiter looks for when hiring. 

I'm interested!

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Benefits for Partners

  • Free entry - Dive right in and explore cutting-edge solutions at no cost to participate.
  • High ROI - Invest minimal time and resources for potentially revolutionary returns.
  • Leadership development - Empower your employees to become project mentors and industry leaders.
  • Become an industry champion - Attract top recruits and build brand loyalty with the future leaders in your field.
  • Fresh perspectives & energy - Gain valuable insights and tackle challenges with a team of creative problem-solvers.

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It was a pleasure working with the students, faculty and staff for the Master of Engineering Capstone Program. The students were engaged and had the needed skills. Best of all, the team was able to deliver new ideas and prototype solutions important to PPG.

Kevin P. Gallagher, Ph.D.
Scientist, Corporate Science & Technology, PPG

The MEng Capstone Project has been a tremendous success, and I am delighted with the results. I am deeply grateful for the support received on this significant and influential project. The team effectively offered insights into potential machine learning models for predicting opioid-induced respiratory depression, establishing a foundation for future progress. The cooperative efforts of students, faculty, and staff facilitated an exceptionally seamless process."

Vivian Pratt Anderson
Distress Bandanna Teen Driver Initiative

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Professional Programs Coordinator 
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