Time Management

Never fall behind. This can be the "kiss of death" in an online course. The engineering online courses are not self-paced and have deadlines for homework assignments, projects, and exams throughout the semester. Below are a few tips that might help during the semester balance both demands of your course and your job.

  • Work from a master calendar that has all your work deadlines as well as your course assignment, project, and exam deadlines on it. This will help you look ahead and plan your time accordingly for the week and/or month.
  • Watch the lectures and keep up with the readings each week. (Note: On average, one course could take up to 20 hours per week. Build time into your schedule each week to focus on your online course.)
  • Be aware of the office hours for the TA and professor to ensure any questions can be answered in advance and still allow you time to complete any assignment or project.
  • Keep yourself motivated and disciplined throughout the semester. This can be key to being successful in an online course.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to turn in assignments or projects in case you encounter any technical problems with submitting your assignment.
  • Contact the professor immediately if an emergency conflict arises to see how best to work it out and still meet the required deadlines for the course.