Refund of Tuition

Please visit the Calendar for current semester pro-rata refund dates.

Full (100%) refunds of tuition are only available for cancellations (dropping any or all course sections prior to the first day of class for that term).

Mandatory Direct Deposit
Students expecting a student account refund, must enroll in the University's direct deposit program. Student refunds are electronically deposited to any domestic checking or savings account. Both a bank account number and a bank routing number are required to complete the online direct deposit enrollment. Students who have not enrolled in the direct deposit program by the time their refund is processed, or who do not have a domestic bank account, will be sent an e-mail (to their UIUC e-mail address) from the Office of University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations (USFSCO). Please respond to this e-mail, identifying yourself as an off-campus student. USFSCO will verify your address and send your refund check by mail.

Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in direct deposit early to avoid delays in getting any future refunds. Direct deposit enrollment can be completed at any time through the Web Self-Service system (once logged on, click "Account Billing Information," then "UI-Pay").