Proctor Criteria

All students (including returning students) must submit proposed proctor information each semester. To be a proctor, the individual must meet at least one of the following criteria, and may not be related to (by blood, marriage, or other legal relationship), be a peer, report to, have equivalent title or responsibilities with, the individual enrolled in the course.

  • Community College, University, Sylvan Learning CenterKaplan Center, or other testing center manager

*Please note that we discourage the submission of a public library as a proctor.  Most public libraries are unable to meet our proctoring requirements.

Fill out and submit this online form to begin the proctor approval process.

The proctor will be responsible for receiving the exam, locking the exam in a secure place, following the specific guidelines for proctoring the exam (i.e., time frame, open or closed book/notes, use of calculators, etc.), and for delivery of the exam back to our office. Proctors must be available on all exam dates. Also, the exam must be given on the date of the exam but you may schedule your exam at any time on that day. No exceptions or changes in the date of the exam will be approved without the written permission from the instructor and notification of approval by this office. In the event you need to change your official proctor, you must contact your testing coordinator at least two weeks in advance of your exam. There must be time for a new proposed proctor to go through the approval process.

Please note that submission of proposed proctor information grants your consent to provide all necessary contact information to your proposed proctor. If you do not want our office to provide some portion of your contact information to your proctor, please e-mail Wendy Yahnke at with your specific request.

Please contact the Office of Online and Professional Engineering Programs at 217-333-6634 if you have trouble locating a suitable proctor.