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TE 567 - Venture Funded Startups

Spring 2023

Venture Funded StartupsONC68018ONL1 -    Sanjiv Chopra
Venture Funded StartupsONL57712ONL1 -    Sanjiv Chopra

Course Description

Venture capital has become an increasingly important source of financing for technology based startups over the past 15 years. However, the process and task of raising venture capital remains largely a black art to students and first time entrepreneurs. Without much prior knowledge they are often forced to negotiate terms of investment with professional investors largely on their own, sometimes making costly mistakes! This course is designed to introduce students to the concepts, tools, and language used by Venture Capitalists (VCs). In particular, we will look at how VCs evaluate, value, and structure new companies.

Credit Hours

1 hour (counts toward the certificate in Strategic Technology Management)


Undergraduate degree.

Subject Area

  • Engineering Management and Technology Entrepreneurship