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TE 565 - Technol Innovation & Strategy

Fall 2022

Technol Innovation & StrategyONC69710ONL2 -    Sanjiv Chopra
Technol Innovation & StrategyONL60413ONL2 -    Sanjiv Chopra

Course Description

This course is designed to help students develop strong conceptual foundations for understanding technological innovations. It will introduce concepts and frameworks for analyzing how firms can create, commercialize, and capture value from technology-based products and services. It will also highlight why some firms, that have successfully commercialized technology products as a new entrant, fail to sustain their success as technology changes and evolves around them. The focus of the course is on business, commercialization, and management aspects of technology.

  • How do new ventures become successful?
  • Why do large established firms fail?
  • Why are some firms more profitable than others?
  • When should a new technology be standardized?
  • When is it more profitable to be an innovator vs. a fast follower?

This course answers these questions, and covers principles, practices, and strategies of technology commercialization for new companies as well as larger corporate environments. Course content also includes accepted best practices for new product introduction, new business lifecycle, market adoption, distribution channels, principles of innovation, and analysis techniques for industry landscape and business and corporate level strategies.

Credit Hours

2 hours (counts toward the Strategic Technology Management or the Business Management for Engineers certificate)


Undergraduate degree in engineering or science.

Subject Area

  • Engineering Management and Technology Entrepreneurship