TE 498 ONL - Transforming Marketing with AI - (Must Attend Live Weekly Lectures!)

Fall 2023

Organizing for InnovationONL75152ONL31800 - 2000 T    Mark Karasek

Course Description

This course will explore the cutting-edge use of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing for technology ventures. We’ll delve into how AI can revolutionize entrepreneurial marketing in a variety of ways, including targeting, personalization, content creation, analytics, optimization, customer service, sales, research, and ethics. Each week we will examine real-world case studies of how leading companies are harnessing the power of AI to supercharge their marketing efforts. By the end of the course, you will have a strong framework to better recognize how AI can be used to create more effective and efficient marketing campaigns in engineering entrepreneurship. Weekly class sessions are synchronous, online via Zoom. Attendance is required. Course materials are available in Canvas.

Credit Hours

2 hours

Subject Area

  • Engineering Management and Technology Entrepreneurship