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TE 460 - Lectures in Engineering Entrepreneurship

Fall 2022

Lect in Engrg EntrepreneurshipONC69707ONL1 -    Gerald O. Wilson
Lect in Engrg EntrepreneurshipONL60408ONL1 -    Gerald O. Wilson

Course Description

An excellent course for the aspiring entrepreneur who wants to learn from those with experience. This course offers a changing roster of weekly guest lectures featuring successful entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers. Topics vary by semester, but typically include:

  • Evaluation of technologies and business ideas generally
  • Commercializing new technologies in existing enterprises, as well as starting new businesses
  • Obtaining financing through private and public sources
  • Legal and business issues
  • Product development
  • Marketing
  • Strategic partnerships

Personal accounts of successes, failures, and lessons learned

Credit Hours

1 hour (counts toward the Strategic Technology Management or the Business Management for Engineers certificate)


Undergraduate Degree.

Subject Area

  • Engineering Management and Technology Entrepreneurship