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TAM 598 ONL - Rheology

Fall 2021

RheologyONL64903ONL4 -    Randy H Ewoldt
Yilin Wang

Course Description

This course will provide a basic foundation in the mechanics and rheology of structurally complex liquids whose behavior can be modeled as a continuum but cannot be modeled as Newtonian with constant viscosity. Key ideas include rheological property measurement, tensorial constitutive models, flow calculations, basic structure-property relations, and design with nonlinear viscoelastic properties. Concepts will apply to a diverse range of materials such as polymer solutions, polymer melts, colloidal suspensions, emulsions, foams, pastes, biological fluids, biological gels, hydrogels, active soft matter, nano-composites, and inks.

Credit Hours

4 hours


Undergraduate degree and a general knowledge of ordinary and partial differential equations is required. Introductory coursework in mechanics (fluid, solid or continuum) is necessary. Intermediate fluid dynamics is strongly suggested (e.g. TAM 435).

Subject Area

  • Mechanical Science and Engineering