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ME 598 ECO - Electronics Cooling

Fall 2022

Electronics CoolingECO32264ONL4 -    L. Winston Zhang

Course Description

This course covers:

  • Introduction to microelectronics packaging from chip to system levels and the challenging thermal issues. Introducing concepts such as junction temperature, heat flux density and Moore’s Law.
  • Fundamentals of various heat transfer modes and fluid mechanics with applications to microelectronics cooling systems.
  • Thermal design of microelectronics systems:
    • Air cooling
    • Liquid cooling
    • Two-phase cooling
    • Other advanced cooling systems
  • Thermal design of microelectronics systems with heat pipe technology:
    • Heat pipe theory & design
    • Heat pipe manufacturing
    • Heat pipe applications in microelectronics cooling systems
  • Other advanced electronics cooling technologies:
    • Loop heat pipe
    • Loop thermosyphon
    • Pulsating heat pipe

Credit Hours

4 hours


Undergraduate degree as well as ME310 and ME320.

Subject Area

  • Mechanical Science and Engineering