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ME 498 LO3 - Nano-Fab & Characterization

Fall 2022

Nano-Fab & CharacterizationLO341898ONL31100 - 1220 M W    Arend van der Zande
Yue Zhang

Course Description

This course will provide a practical understanding of state-of-the-art, nanoscale fabrication and characterization approaches, the fundamental principles behind these advanced techniques. Lectures will introduce students to topics including top-down and bottom-up paradigms of nano-fabrication, characterization of structures smaller than can be resolved with light, the theoretical underpinnings of quantum properties of nanomaterials that these technique probe and engineer, and applications at the forefront of nanoresearch. The focus will be on two dimensional materials, which will be used as a case study to understand the broader challenges and opportunities of making and using nanoscale systems. There will be two concurrent courses, ME498/598, for 3 credits and 4 credits respectively. The 3 credit option will include lectures, homework, and a final project exploring emerging techniques.

Credit Hours

3 hours

Subject Area

  • Mechanical Science and Engineering